Video: New Born Baby Rescued In River After been dumped by Mother

Video: New Born Baby Rescued In River After been dumped by Mother

Video: New Born Baby Rescued In River After been dumped by Mother

A newborn baby was miraculously found alive on Monday morning, abandoned in a plastic bag floating in the Vaal River near the Sebokeng Bridge. This shocking discovery has sparked outrage and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the child’s abandonment. reported that according to the community, it appears that the teenage mom had given birth alone at her family home in Small Farm and hours later, dumped the baby at an abandoned and water-logged bridge construction site in Zone 7. Thanks to vigilant community members, the infant was found alive and received emergency care.

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Residents report that they noticed a young woman acting strangely. After seeing her abandon a plastic bag at the construction site, they went to investigate and found the baby in a shopping bag, floating in the dirty water.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage and calls for justice for the child. Community leaders have condemned the act of abandonment and demanded swift action to identify and hold the mother accountable. They have also called for increased support for young mothers and educational programs to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

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