Prisonbreak video: How Cartel gang leader broke out of prison in Ecuador

How Cartel gang leader broke out of prison in Ecuador

How Cartel gang leader broke out of prison in Ecuador

A dangerous drug lord got out of maximum security imprisonment on Monday, and violence broke out at many jails in the violent nation of Ecuador, prompting the declaration of a state of emergency.

After gunmen opened fire in a TV studio and bandits threatened random murders on the second day of terror in the violent nation, Ecuador’s president issued orders on Tuesday to “neutralize” criminal organizations.

Officials in Ecuador stated on Sunday that Adolfo Macías, also known as “Fito,” the head of the Los Choneros gang, was missing from his cell. As of Monday, they had not located him and had not provided an explanation for his disappearance.

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The prosecutor’s office in Ecuador said via Twitter on Monday that, as part of the investigation into what it is treating as a “prisoner’s escape,” charges had been brought against two prison guards.

For sixty days, the decree will be in force. Guillermo Lasso, Noboa’s predecessor, has declared states of emergency in order to combat the wave of violence that has afflicted the nation of South America.

On Sunday night, Macías vanished from his cell, and César Zapata, the general commander of the police, informed the media that an investigation was underway.

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