Video: ICJ Judges caught Sleeping during South Africa vs Isreal Genocide case

Video: ICJ Judges caught Sleeping during South Africa vs Isreal Genocide case

Video: ICJ Judges caught Sleeping during South Africa vs Isreal Genocide case

In a now viral video of the South Africa vs Israel genocide case in Hague, one of the judges was caught nodding while as sleep. This was during Israel defence at the ICJ.

Israel outlined its defense at The Hague’s International Court of Justice against allegations of genocide.
The Israeli delegation denied the possibility of genocide in Gaza during a three-hour speech on Friday, claiming that compelling Israel to cease its military actions would put Israeli citizens in danger. They charged that South Africa was “weaponizing” the international convention against genocide and painting a “grossly distorted” picture by mainly omitting Hamas’s involvement in the conflict.

Israel’s leadership was allegedly “intent on destroying the Palestinians as a group in Gaza” on Thursday, according to South Africa, and the enclave’s aerial and ground assaults were meant to “bring about the destruction of its Palestinian population.”

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According to Israel, the lawsuit is “a deliberate and cynical attempt to distort the definition of the term ‘genocide’ itself.” It requested that the The Hague, Netherlands-based court dismiss the lawsuit as without merit and turn down South Africa’s plea for the court to declare an end to the conflict.

A representative for the German government said in a statement following the second day of the ICJ hearings that Germany “expressly rejects” claims that Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza.

Israel has been ordered by the court to halt its military campaign in Gaza by South Africa. Even if the court determines that it has prima facie jurisdiction, South Africa may not necessarily request the interim measures that it decides upon.

The ICJ has approved requests of this nature in the past. The Gambia’s plea for temporary remedies to prevent genocide against the Rohingya people who remain in Myanmar was approved by the court in January 2020. Similar orders have been issued by the court to shield Bosnians during the 1990s Balkan Wars and to shield Ukrainians from continuing Russian aggression.

Conversely, the Israelis dispatched a team focused solely on legal matters to the Hague, along with a small group of Israeli ambassadors who oversaw communications.

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