‘Saraki Family Never Dominated Kwara Politics, Stop This Negative Revisionism’

8th Senate President

The Chief Executive Officer of NuggetStudio, an Ilorin-based architectural firm, Arc. Ayuba Musbau Kawu has advised Kwarans to ignore the revisionist campaign by some political jobbers, hate-mongers, and mischievous elements who continue to claim that they take certain political positions on Kwara Politics in protest against the domination of the Politics of the state by the Saraki family.

Kawu noted that the wrong narrative was mere propaganda exploited in 2019 to foist a non-performing and unresponsive government on the good people of the state, even when the negative sentiments its sponsors sought to invoke were not backed by fact and history.

“Why will anybody lose focus on the way the present governor of Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has run the state aground? A government that cannot commission one single project in five years and some political jobbers who need political appointments will now be comparing the good old days to the one where the governor does not listen to people but rather concentrated efforts on frittering away state resources on unproductive but self-aggrandizing projects.

“Those who need appointments from the Abdulrahman administration are free to apply to the man. They should stop this false narrative that Kwara was dominated by the Sarakis or any family for that matter. In the 40 years that the political parties to which the Sarakis belong were in control of Kwara State, they produced six elected governors, and only one was a member of the family. They produced over 30 senators, and only three were members of the family.

“Their parties produced over 200 members of the House of Representatives and House of Assembly, only one was a Saraki. They produced over 20 ministers, none was a Saraki. Gbemi Saraki became a minister after the PDP to which the family belongs had lost power. They produced hundreds of commissioners, none was a Saraki. They produced Special advisers, special assistants, ambassadors, and heads of MDAs, none was a Saraki.

Those who occupied all those positions are Kwarans and they belong to different families across the 16 LGAs and 193 wards. So, where is the so-called dominance of the Sarakis? The people who usually spread this falsehood should also tell us if things were this bad in terms of governance in Kwara State in all the years that the NPN, SDP, CPC, APP, and PDP to which the Sarakis belong were in power.

“Today, we are confronted with a government that has not built any single hospitals, has not properly funded education, did not empower people or fund SMEs, has not improved on the provision of social services, did not embark on rural electrification or urban or rural road development and has remained fixated on wasteful expenditure like spending N17.8 billion on the renovation of a hotel. Is this what they call a ‘distinctive governance approach’? Will this happen in a government controlled by the party to which the Sarakis belong? These are the issues.”, Kawu stated.