VIDEO: Nigeria Police arrests couple in Maiduguri church while “Knacking”

A couple from Borno State, Kaka Ali Umar of Damboa Road and his partner Khadija Adam of Ngomari area, Maiduguri, have run afoul of the law for reportedly having “Knacking” in the police college chapel.

The event took place at Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, at All Saints Protestant Church, Police College.
Due to their claimed heinous act at the place of worship, police officers from the Borno State Command have arrested the couple and are holding them both for questioning on their behavior.

On Monday, February 12, 2024, at approximately 11:40 am, the pair was apprehended within the church and then turned over to law enforcement.

The Metro Divisional Police Office’s Police Investigation Team was informed by the overseeing minister, Danjuma Adamu, that the detained companions had been caught in the act within the church.

According to rumors, the church’s pastor informed the police that “Kaka Ali paid Khadija N1,000 for a short round after the act.”

The two suspects are being investigated at the Metro police station, according to a security source involved in the ongoing investigation who was not authorized to speak with the media. The Metro police station will then forward the case to the relevant authorities for additional investigation and prosecution.

Watch video here

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